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Quick Response (QR) Codes & Human Resources


By Kathleen O’Day, PhD, SPHR

WHAT ARE THEY?  Quick Response Codes (QR) are typically complex black and white patterns used by magazines, marketers and manufacturers intended to be scanned from a mobile device to be connected to a web page or other URL. QRs are a great way to generate interest and exchange information. Essentially, QRs are readable bar codes that can store website URLs, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses, and other alphanumeric data.

WHY ARE THEY USEFUL FOR HR PURPOSES?  A QR code could be linked to an online resume, a business card, LinkedIn or Facebook profile, a portfolio of work, a website or special product offerings.  For instance, scan the above QR for Kathy O’Day, Sr. Associate for The Hopkins Group, to request a complimentary assessment of your Human Resources function or for suggestions on steps to prepare for hiring your company’s first employees.

HOW TO CREATE A QR: Any URL can be converted to a QR by using free sites such as,, Google or  Potential users are cautioned to review the terms and conditions of using the site.  Many sites provide tracking and analytic features for fees.

HOW TO READ A QR: Your mobile device may already have preinstalled software to read QRs or you may need to install a QR code scanning application. Free and for fee downloadable QR readers are available at the itunes App Store. If you install  QR reader software, you will have access to Kathy O’Day’s contact information to request complimentary HR services and/or service for fee proposals from The Hopkins Group.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: QR Codes for Dummies; Http://