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How The Hopkins Group can make a difference in your business.

The Hopkins Difference

In today’s global economy many small and mid-sized businesses face the same employment challenges as larger organizations, such as regulations, globalization, inefficiencies, diverse teams and more. But finding the right partner to help them achieve their business goals can sometimes be difficult. With our diverse team of HR professionals and service delivery, businesses are able to leverage our knowledge and expertise to help them achieve their goals while focusing on growing their businesses.

We help growing business achieve their goals through a myriad of HR services and solutions. That’s the Hopkins Difference.

Our team of experts join your growing team to execute your HR strategy for you.

We not only share our HR expertise, we perform the work for you. Partnering with us, allows you to have your own, personal HR professional to work in collaboration with your leadership and management teams to help you achieve your business goals.

Our services provide growing business with the proficiencies needed to build engaging and resilient work culture.

We offer small and midsized businesses tools and resources crafted directly for their business operations, such as employee handbooks, policies, job descriptions, HR compliance systems and performance management tools setting them up for greater success that leads to greater productivity, efficiency, lower risk exposure and increased employee engagement.

Our consultative channels enable growing businesses to design customizable HR programs aligned specifically for their business needs.

When starting up most business owners seek a simple solution, such as bundled HR services that PEOs or single payroll providers offer. As small and midsized businesses grow more complexities ensue requiring them to seek more competitive HR solutions to attract and retain their talent. Our consulting services and access to service providers allow growing businesses to tailor health insurance, retirement plans, HCM and payroll systems to their business goals and budget.

Our goal is to build long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with our clients. We take interest in getting to know what works best for them.

We have worked with various industries and industry leaders for many years. Because each business brings a unique perspective to our business, we are interested in building relationships and getting to know what works best for their business.

Our HR service delivery presents growing businesses with a scalable solution that works within their budget.

In a B2B world, we know that businesses are faced with many choices. We offer growing small and midsized businesses a scalable solution that allows them to select the level of HR services needed based on organization demand and within budget.

Our 5-Step Process

PEOs rarely provide any transparency between pricing and the service you are receiving. For instance, it can be hard to determine how much you are paying for HR administration, which means you could be wasting valuable money for reduced efficiency of service. Even if your company doesn’t require the services of a full-time HR professional, you should never have to settle for a lesser quality of service. That’s where The Hopkins Group can help.

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Getting Started with The Hopkins Group?

If you are changing HR administrators or if you are employing us for the first time, we begin with a thorough assessment of our HR practices. Our HR assessment provides you with a report outlining any gaps within your HR program.  In collaboration with your business leaders our team of HR experts will devise a HR plan for your business, placing you on the road to success!

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