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We help leaders of growing small and mid-sized businesses manage everyday employment challenges. Simplify HR for Your Growing Business Learn More Our HR outsourcing administrative service provides you and your team with your own personal HR expert to help you manage your HR responsibilities when you need them. Know Your Growing Business Has The Proficiencies To Thrive Learn More Our learning management systems make it easy for you to prepare and train your teams for success.
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Our HR project management services help you define and benchmark your company’s jobs, develop sound employment practices and procedures, and support your teams in establishing performance goals that increase your workplace productivity, employee loyalty and retention. Promote Practices that Align With Your Organizational Culture and Behaviors Learn More

HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing to The Hopkins Group can simplify your HR needs and free up resources to focus on other parts of your business. Leave it to us.

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HR Consulting

Every company needs a bit of HR help now and again, which is why The Hopkins Group is on standby to help you smooth out the rough edges in your HR department.

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HR Help Desk

If you need on-demand support, our HR help desk can provide your HR team with overflow support. Our help desk is easy to use and increases your efficiencies.

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Learning and Development

Developing your talent is a key part of running a successful business. We help your grow your team to the best they can be.

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Over 16 years of service


We’ve served hundreds of clients


Serving many professionals and industries

We’re Experienced Human Resources Consultants. Let us help you.

The Hopkins Group prides itself on delivering top-tier services including strategic HR planning, staffing, management training, and so much more. Choose from several levels of available services to customize a solution tailored specifically to your business.

We are the right fit for businesses of many sizes, from those growing to those with established operations.

Small Businesses

If you’re just starting your business, we can help you build a solid HR infrastructure.

Growing Businesses

If your growing business needs an partner to help your team implement efficiencies that will help your business thrive.

Established Businesses

We can help you optimize your HR operations to ensure your business is meeting statutory regulatory requirements.




Our experienced team helps your growing business with any HR management needs.

Our team collaborates with your HR management teams to help them achieve their HR goals. Get in touch today.

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We use our client technologies to support and manage their HR operations.

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